swine flu death toll raises

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Swine flu- PREVENTION BETTER THAN CURE!!! The swine flu (H1N1)is believed to spread mainly from person to person via airborne germs expelled when an infected person coughs or sneezes. To help prevent from being infected:
Wash your hands often with warm water and antibacterial soap
Always cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and wash your hands immediately after doing so
If you are unable to wash your hands regularly, carry an alcohol-based hand wash or hand sanitizer with you and use it regularly
Avoid areas or people that may be contaminated
Avoid touching your face, especially the areas around your eyes, nose and mouth
Avoid touching foreign surfaces
If you need to visit a contaminated area or feel you are at high risk for contracting the disease, consider wearing a face mask


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Opp LIC Office Ranny,

Menanthottam Hospital, Mamukku Ranni. 9844079608

Muthootu medical mission, Pathanamthitta. 9844079608
Chemist Name :
Remedia Agencies
Address : Keepanal Bldg., Perumpuzha, Ranny, Kerala, 689672, Phone1 : 517082

Marthoma Hospital Mamukku Ranni . 9844079608

Cardiac Check clinic , Kozhencherry, 9844079608

Nusing colleges in Kerala

Nursing Colleges in Kerala

1.Mary Immaculate Hospital College
College Name: Mary Immaculate Hospital
Address: Engadiyur, Thrissur.

2. Meteropolitan Hospital College
College Name: Meteropolitan Hospital
Address: Thrissur
State: Kerala

3.San Jos Parish Hospital College
College Name: San Jos Parish Hospital
Address: Pavaratty, Thrissur
State: Kerala

4. Unity Hospital Pvt (Ltd) College
College Name: Unity Hospital Pvt (Ltd)
Address: Kunnamkulam, Kanippayur, Thrissur
State: Kerala

5. West Fort College
College Name: West Fort
Address: Thrissur
State: Kerala

6. Maria Teresa Hospital College
College Name: Maria Teresa Hospital
Address: Kuzhikkattussery, Thrissur
State: Kerala

7.St. James Hospital College
College Name: St. James Hospital
Address: Chalakudi, Thrissur
State: Kerala

8. Amala Cancer Hospital College
College Name: Amala Cancer Hospital
Address: Puzhakal, Thrissur
State: Kerala

9. Elite Mission Hospital College


College Name: Elite Mission Hospital

Address: Koorkenchery, Thrissur

State: Kerala


10. Jubilee Mission Hospital College


College Name: Jubilee Mission Hospital

Address: Thrissur

State: Kerala


11. Bishop Alappat Hospital P O Kattoor College


College Name: Bishop Alappat Hospital P O Kattoor

Address: Karanchira, Thrissur

State: Kerala


12.Sacred heart college cochin


College Name: Sacred heart college

Address: Thevara Ernakulam Kochi - 682013

City: cochin

State: Kerala

Telephone Number: 0484-3077263, 0484-2663002



University: Mahatma Gandhi University


13. Lal Memorial Hospital College


College Name: Lal Memorial Hospital

Address: Madayikonam, Irinjalakuda


State: Kerala


14. Holy Cross Hopsital College


College Name: Holy Cross Hopsital

Address: Adoor


State: Kerala


15. Ranni Marthoma Medical Mission Centre College


College Name: Ranni Marthoma Medical Mission Centre

Address: Ranni


State: Kerala


16. Menamthottam Hospital College


College Name: Menamthottam Hospital

Address: Angadi Po, Ranni, Pathanamthitta


State: Kerala


17. Muthoot Medical Centre College


College Name: Muthoot Medical Centre

Address: College Rd, Kozhencherry, Pathanamthitta


State: Kerala


18. Assumption College changanacherry


College Name: Assumption College

Address: Kanhirapuzha, Palakad

City: changanacherry

State: kerala


19. Deenabandhu Hospital College


College Name: Deenabandhu Hospital

Address: Thachampara, Palakad


State: Kerala


20. Pushpagiri Hospital College


College Name: Pushpagiri Hospital

Address: Thiruvilla


State: Kerala


21. St.Gregorious Mission Hospital College


College Name: St.Gregorious Mission Hospital

Address: Parumala PO, Thiruvilla


State: Kerala


22.Dr. N.K. Mohammed Memorial School of Nursing College


College Name: Dr. N.K. Mohammed Memorial School of Nursing

Address: Nizar Hospital, Valanchery.


State: Kerala


23.MS Hospital College


College Name: MS Hospital

Address: Down Hill, Malapuram 676 519


State: Kerala


24.PMSA Memorial Dist. Co-operative Hospital College


College Name: PMSA Memorial Dist. Co-operative Hospital

Address: P B No:30, Malapuram


State: Kerala


25. Al-Shifa Hospital College


College Name: Al-Shifa Hospital

Address: P B No: 26, Valiyangadi, Perinthalmana


State: Kerala


26. KPM Hospital College


College Name: KPM Hospital

Address: Down Hill, Malapuram


State: Kerala


27. Moulana Hospital College


College Name: Moulana Hospital

Address: Ooty Road, Perinthalmana P O 679 322, Malapuram.


State: Kerala


28. KMH Memorial Hospital College


College Name: KMH Memorial Hospital

Address: East Road, Manjeri, Malapuram-2


State: Kerala


29.St. Rita’s Hospital College


College Name: St. Rita’s Hospital

Address: Nalukody, Changanacherry.


State: Kerala


30. NSS Medical Mission Hospital College


College Name: NSS Medical Mission Hospital

Address: Perunna, Changanasery


State: Kerala